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What are All-Ceramic Crowns?

Before we start talking about all-ceramic crowns, it’s important
that you understand exactly what a “regular” crown is first. For a quick refresher, visit our crowns page.

All-ceramic crowns, also known as “Porcelain Crowns” are dental crowns that are made entirely of ceramic-based materials. Whereas traditional crowns are usually PFM crowns (porcelain-fused-to-metal), all-ceramic crowns are metal-free restorations that have much better esthetic properties compared to their PFM counterparts.

How are ceramic crowns different?

The main difference between ceramic crowns and metal crowns is esthetics, and we use ceramic crowns mostly in the anterior (front of the mouth) where esthetics matter most.  We commonly use Zirconia-based ceramics,  lithium disilicate (eMax ), and Empress (leucite glass) depending upon the clinical situation and the esthetic requirements.

The other difference, of course is the material, and there are different types of ceramic crown material, some of which are preferred for certain clinical situations.

Should I have a ceramic crown placed

If you need a crown in the front of your mouth where esthetics are critical, then yes, a ceramic crown would be the preferred option.

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